What Are Units?

Units are used for tracking significant breakdowns, such as Bargaining Units, tracking work places or non-member groups, and to group activity in your database, including financial reporting. After adding a Unit, link the appropriate financial accounts to it to ensure transactions using that account apply to the specific activity for that Unit.

They are also used for security. Users will only have access to the records of the individuals and organizations associated with a Unit that user has been assigned. If a user should have access to all records, be sure to give them the All Units role.

How do I add a Unit to the database?

In order to use Units in your database, navigate to the Tools menu, then click Add/Remove. Either search for Units in the search field or scroll down until you see the Units option. Click it to add it to your database. Under the Lists tab, you’ll then see the Units option.

If you’d like to add an icon based on your Unit, click [Set Icon] to perform an image search, then click the symbol you like. This will be added along with the Unit name to the record when the Unit is added.

Units can be removed by clicking the red X. If a Unit is in use, it will be made inactive rather than deleted.