What Are Transaction Limits?

ISP has built-in warnings to inform you when transactions that are manually added to the system are over the transaction limit. 

If you manually add a transaction that exceeds the contribution limit, the system will display a text warning at the top of the page and alert you with a sound. You will still be able to add the transaction, but an alert will let you know the threshold has been crossed.

There are a few other important things to know when it comes to transaction limits in ISP:

  • If there are transactions in the Pending Imports page that will go over the limit, you will receive a warning there that the threshold has been crossed.
  • ISP has an AI option that will conduct imports for you. You can set AI to watch for transactions over the limit and send an email listing them. Furthermore, AI will not automatically import transactions over the limit in the Pending Imports page but will instead alert you.
  • We have a Check Transaction Limits report that allows you to generate a report of transactions that may be over the allowable transaction limit. You can narrow your search by Filer (if you have multiple filers in your database) and by Date Range. You can access this report by navigating to the Compliance Tools tab under Reports on the account dashboard.
  • To ensure your limits are set correctly, go to Reports, then to Compliance. At the bottom of the page, click Related Pages and select Manage Filers. Click on [See Details] to populate the filer limits below. If the limits are incorrect, access your filer record to ensure the jurisdiction in your Committee and/or Candidate record is set correctly.
  • For Super PACs: In general, these committee types are not subject to transaction limits. If you receive a warning about a transaction over the limit, check the Committee Type setting in the Committee record in your database. If it is anything other than Super PAC, update this to eliminate the transaction limit warning.
  • For PAC – Joint Fundraising Committees: These committee types are generally not subject to transaction limits. If you receive a warning about a transaction over the limit, ensure your filing committee is set as a Political Committee in the organization record. Next, go to the Reports menu and select Compliance. Then, click on the Related Pages button at the bottom of the screen. From this button’s drop-up menu, select Manage Filers. On the Filers page, choose Convert to PAC – Joint Fundraising Committee in the hotdog menu.