What Are the Tabs on the Dashboard?

When you log into your database and arrive on the Dashboard, at the top of the page is a row of tabs. Below each tab are pages you can navigate to. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the tab name to view the available pages.

If you do not see any tabs at all, most likely the browser view or scaling has increased, which causes the tab names to disappear and move into a dropdown list in the top right of the screen. If this happens, you’ll see three stacked horizontal lines where the tabs will be listed. To get the tab names back on screen, decrease the browser view until they reappear.

The pages below each tab are grouped by similar actions or purpose. For example, the Accounting tab contains pages that are relevant to accounting practices available in ISP, while the Reports tab will be where you can generate and export reports, including Compliance reports.

If you manage multiple databases as part of a Firm, you’ll see a Consultant Tools menu in the bottom right corner of the screen. Here are pages that allow for various data flow between databases options or bulk database actions. You can also view the Firm details.