What Are the Pledge or Target Metrics Reports?

Both the Pledge Metrics and Target Metrics reports allow you to generate a list of all Pledges or Targets in your database. Pledges are donations that donors have agreed to make in the future, whereas Targets are set internally and are a fundraising goal.

Under the Reports tab, go to Fundraising/Analysis, then select either the Pledge Metrics report or the Target Metrics report from the dropdown menu. To help narrow down your results, you’ll have the following options to choose from:

  • Dates: This required field determines the date range in which the Pledges or Targets have been created.
  • Compare To: You can use these optional fields to compare any current Pledge or Target data with any past data you may have.
  • Owner(s): If a Pledge or Target has been given an owner (i.e. a staff member who is responsible for tracking the transaction), you can narrow your search based on who owns the Pledge or Target.

When you have set your criteria, you have a few export options. You can Generate the results directly there on the screen, or you can choose to Print to PDF or export them to an Excel spreadsheet.