What Are the New Search Group and Add Compound Rule Buttons in Advanced Search?

Advanced Search is a record-based search that allows you to create and run searches with detailed results. When adding various layers of rules or criteria, you have two buttons, New Search Group and Add Compound Rule, that will allow you to get even more detailed with your search and results. 

New Search Group

The New Search Group button allows you to create an OR scenario in your search. When you utilize this button, you can have the results match either rule that is in place instead of both at the same time. To use the New Search Group button add a new rule in the Rule area to your existing rule and click the Add New Search Group button.

Add Compound Rule

The Compound Rule button allows you to combine search criteria to narrow down your results even further. This creates an AND scenario for the results. In order for the Compound Rule button to appear, the Area of each rule will need to be the same.