What Are the Dashboard Charts and Graphs?

On the right-hand side of the Dashboard are three different charts and graphs. These give you a visual display of the data in your database.

Receipts by Budget Category

This pie chart contains all of the receipts entered in your database and organizes them by Budget Category. They are separated by the amount so that you can see where you are spending the most and least amount of money in your campaign. There’s also a checkbox that you can tick on/off that will either include or not include InKind contributions with this data in the pie chart.

Disbursements by Budget Category

This pie chart will show you all of the disbursements entered and organize them by budget category. Additionally, this chart will organize the data by the amount of each disbursement too so that you can keep track of how much of your budget is going each different area.

Cash On Hand Over Time

This chart will show a timeline of your cash on hand. The Y-Axis of the chart will show the amount of cash on hand and the X-Axis of the chart will show the monthly timeline for your cash on hand.