What Are the Available Quick Import Formats in ISP?

When your ISP database is first created, it comes with standard default Quick Import formats. Others are available to add so if you don’t see the one you’re looking for, please contact Support.

Each of the Quick Imports below come with a downloadable template to use if you plan on using that import more than once. These are found in the sidebar on screen for each Quick Import. The ai Assisted does not have a template to download. When completing the template, be sure to not rearrange columns on the spreadsheet, as this can negatively affect the import.

ai Assisted: If the other import formats do not apply to what you need to import, use this option. There are no set columns or order.

Caged Donations: This import template can be used if the import contains transactions that happened via different methods, such as Cash or Credit Card or Check or otherwise. Selecting a specific Financial Account besides Undeposited will deposit all transactions on the spreadsheet into one Deposit.

Check from Conduit: Use this import template if you need to import transactions sent to you on one single check from a conduit. You can also use this import to add JFC contributions and memos. However, after the import completes, you’ll have to go into each transaction and change the Tag from Conduit Check to Transfer.

Communications: The Communications import allows you to add a Communication Type to an existing or new record. If the import contains a Communication has not been created in your database, you will have the option to allow the system create it for you upon import. 

Contacts: This import quickly imports individuals and their contact information, as well as Flags, if applicable.

Credit Card Statement: This import will create a single expense transaction to a specific Vendor. If the transaction is an expense not fully billed for, select the Add As Accrued Expense box during the import process. 

Expenses & Subvendors: Using the Expenses & Subvendors import, you can bring in expense transactions and any subvendors and splits attached to the expenses. 

Flags: Use this import in conjunction with record ID numbers to add a Flag to the record. To locate the record ID, navigate to the entity’s record and in the URL at the top of the screen, note the numbers at the end of the URL. This is the record ID for the entity’s record you are currently in.

Individuals & Organizations: This import allows you to add Individuals and Organizations, as well as contact information and any Flags you want associated with that entity.

Inkind Contributions: Inkind contributions have no cash impact. However, use this import to quickly add any Inkind contributions and the entity’s they’re attached to.

Online Donations: If you receive donations online, you can use this import template to import them into your database so it matches your bank statement.

Organizations & Contributions: If you have contributions and other Organizations you need to add to your database, use this template to bring that data in.

Other Transactions: This import lets you import transactions by transaction type.

Targets and Pledges: This import template allows you to import Targets and Pledges, as well as the entity they’re associated with. It will automatically create the Target or Pledge in that entity’s record.

As mentioned previously, if you don’t see a template here that will work for the data you want to import, please contact Support.

Transfer of Contributions: This import template allows you to bring in transactions from a conduit. This will add the tag Transfer to the main transaction.