What Are the Add Drip Email Options?

When adding a Drip Email, you’ll be able to set the details of the Drip Email, as well as certain conditions for the email to adhere to.

In the window that appears after clicking Add Drip Email, add how many days after signup to send the email, what time of day to send the email, and the subject line of the email. These fields are required. Below that is where you create the body of the email and set other options, such as excluding firms.

The Limit Recipients section is where you can be specific about which users get which emails based on their role and actions already taken within the database. 

Use the Last Logged In option for those that haven’t logged in in X amount of days. The Billing Rate Range allows you to send drip emails based on a billing range. 

The remaining options in the window are more ways to limit who receives the Drip Emails. The three columns are:

  • Either: The email will go to the recipient whether or not the option applies
  • Exclude: The email will not go to anyone who has already engaged this option
  • Require: The email will only go to those who have yet to engage this option

Select one of those three conditions for the following:

  • Has Logged In: The account has been logged into at least once
  • Has Entities: The account has a minimum of 5 Entities
  • Has Transactions: The account has at least one transaction recorded
  • Has Taken Tour: One or more users has completed the audio tour
  • Has Reviewed AI Settings: A user has edited a AI setting or one or more Personal Assistant tasks or enabled
  • Has Consultant: One or more users is a Consultant or Professional Treasurer
  • Is Consultant: The recipient is a consultant
  • Is Variable Rate: The account is using a variable rate