What Are Quick Emails?

Quick Emails is a tool that allows you to send email only to the email address in one single individual record. The emails are based on templates you create, which make it very useful for multiple people to follow up after a call with a donation link or other fundraising activities.

In order to use the Quick Emails tool, make sure it is installed on your account. Navigate to the Tools menu and you should see an option for Quick Emails. If not, you will need to click on Add/Remove Tools and select it from the list of tools you can install.

How do I set up Quick Emails?

On the Quick Emails  page under the Tools tab, click Add Quick Email to first create an email template. The template you create will become a selectable option for your email communication. You can create as many as you need.

Email Name: This is the name for the email. It should be something easily identifiable in a list of template options, if you plan to use more than one.

Record As: This allows you to indicate a specific communication type. Communication types can be customized under Lists > Communication Types and allow tracking of any type of communications with that particular individual or organization.

Subject: Subject line of the email.

Text: The body of the email template. Links and images can both be placed in the email template allowing for more visually appealing emails.

Merge Fields: In the body text of an email, you can insert merge fields. These fields can be used to pull data to the email based on the record information.

Send As User/Reply to User: When checked, the email sender and/or reply person will be indicated as the user currently creating the template regardless of who actually sends the email. If you want a different name to appear on emails, uncheck the box and enter the name you want.

Once you have created a template and saved it, you have the option to add an attachment to be sent with the Quick Email. You can do this by clicking on [Add Attachment] to the right of where your email template appears on the Quick Emails page.

How do I use Quick Emails?

To send an email, navigate to any individual record, locate the Quick Communications button at the bottom, then click Quick Email. This will give you the option to select the email template you want and add a follow-up reminder at the same time. Your Quick Email is not sent until you click Update Send Quick Email at the bottom.
Note: Quick Emails will only be an option on individual records with emails already present. Make sure to add an email first to the record before trying to send.