What Are Nominee Fund Transfers?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

A PAC or Conduit that plans to gather contributions for a yet-to-be-determined candidate in opposition of another candidate is called a Nominee Fund. Once the recipient candidate has been determined, the funds are then transferred to that committee.

First create the Nominee Fund as an Organization record and mark it as a Political Committee. The type should be Political Action Committee (PAC). Then, in the Relationships section, add a Relationship type of Authorized Committee / Authorized Committee of. This Relationship designation is important for Compliance reporting purposes and will allow the transaction to pull to the correct line on the report, Line 12.

When you create the transaction, use the Nominee Fund record in the Entity field and in the Tag dropdown, select Nominee Fund Transfer. 

Another important step to take is during the Compliance report generation process. On the report criteria screen is a checkbox labeled Form 3Z. Be sure to check this box when setting the criteria for your Compliance report. This will ensure the needed Form 3Z is generated along with your report.