What Are Monetary Contribution Transaction Tags?

Tags are used to provide Compliance reporting clarification. They provide information beyond the basic nature of the transaction that related to compliance reporting requirements. For Monetary Contributions, Tags are most frequently used in Conduit situations.

The following are Tags you will find when creating Monetary Contributions. However, because these are related to Compliance law, the Tags in your account will vary based on the jurisdiction you file with. Please confirm with your filing agency if you have any questions on which Tag is correct.

What are the different Tags for Monetary Contributions?

When creating a Monetary Contribution, there will be five tags to choose from in the Tags drop-down menu:

  • Conduit – Conduit Check: Use this if the transaction was a check or other transfer from a Conduit. Typically this is part of a larger batch of donations.
  • Conduit – Donor Check: Use this if the transaction was a donation made directly to your committee but the physical check was passed through a Conduit.
  • Reattribution: Use this if the transaction is split between two or more people, most commonly a couple and a portion of the donation needs to be reattributed to a spouse.
  • Redesignation: Use this if all or part of a donation is moved to a different Election. With a Redesignation, check with your filing agency for any specific rules regarding the redesignation process.
  • Transfer: Use this if the transaction is the transfer of funds to other authorized committees of the same candidate or sponsoring organization.