What Are Memberships and Membership Types?

In ISP, your club or committee can use the Membership tool to define and track your members, inluding tracking join dates. To add this tool, navigate to the Add/Remove page option under the Tools tab, then search for the Memberships tool. Click the tool itself to add it to your database.

You can then create different Membership Types for more accuracy and specificity. This allows you to track members in different ways, whether it’s by the contract or dues rules, for example. You can track as many different membership types as you want. After you add the Membership tool, you’ll then see an option for Membership Types under the Lists tab. Here you can manage your Membership Types.

To add a Membership Type, click the Add button at the bottom of the screen. In the window that appears, enter in the name of the Membership Type, then click Add. To delete a Membership Type, click the red X to the left of the name. If the Membership Type is already in use in the database, it will be made Inactive and show in the Inactive tab.

If you’d like to assign specific membership numbers or IDs to your members, you can do this through our External ID Tracking tool. This tool can be installed by navigating to the Tools tab, then Add/Remove Tools, and then searching External ID Tracking.