What Are Levin Funds and How Do I Add Them?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

Levin funds are donations from sources ordinarily prohibited by federal law but permitted by state law. The name is a generic term for the bank account that is used for mixed State and Federal money for specific transactions. Please note while not commonly used, Levin transactions are only on the FEC Form 3X (Party) report.

The first step in creating Levin funds in ISP is to make sure the financial account(s) associated with the Levin transaction is marked for accepting Levin funds. Under the Lists tab, go to Financial Accounts. For the account that will be tied to the Levin fund(s), click the name of the account and in the window that appears, check the box labeled Is For Levin.

Next, when adding or editing transactions meant as Levin funds, be sure to use the Financial Account you have marked for use with Levin funds. If needed, you can also associate and appropriate Allocation with a Levin allocation. 

If a transaction is associated with a Levin account, the transaction will pull to the appropriate Levin schedule (L-A or L-B) on the FEC Form 3X (Party).