What Are Hotkeys?

Hotkeys allow you quickly navigate to a page or process in ISP using the keyboard. 

A list of hotkeys will show up in ISPolitical at anytime by clicking Alt + /, or navigating to System, then to Hotkeys.

What are the available hotkeys in ISP?

Alt + A: Go to Add Transaction
Alt + R: Go to Register
Alt + D: Go to Record Deposit
Alt + I: Go to Individual Search
Alt + O: Go to Organizations Search
Alt + N: Save/Add & New
Alt + W: Switch Accounts
Alt + /: Show Hotkeys Help
Alt + 1: Go to Compliance Reports
Alt + 2: Go to Compliance Tools
Alt + 3: Go to Financial Reports
Alt + 4: Go to Fundraising/Analysis
Alt + 6: Go to Quick Lists
Alt + 7: Go to Scheduled Reports