What Are Financial Accounts and How Do I Add Them?

Financial Accounts allow you to keep track of which bank accounts all your transactions are in. Also, if you have multiple filers in your database, you can link accounts to certain filers to ensure transactions pull to the appropriate report.

Above the list of accounts on the Financial Accounts page are tabs. 

Active: These are all active financial accounts in the database. If you attempt to remove an active account that has financial activity, the system will instead move it to the Inactive view.

Inactive: These are financial accounts not in use and removed from your active list of options to choose from.

All: These are all financial accounts in your database, both active and inactive.

How do I add a financial account?

At the bottom of the Financial Accounts page, click the Add Financial Account button. The filer drop down will contain a list all the filer committees that have been created in your database. These can be found on the Compliance Reports page.

After completing the fields, click Add Financial Account to return to the list of accounts or click Add & New to add a new financial account.