What Are Events & How Do I Use Them?

Events are an optional tool used to help clarify applicable financial details of a transaction. An example would be any contribution or expense made during a fundraising event.

How do I create an event?

First, if you do not see the Events option under the Tools tab, click the Add/Remove Tools option, and scroll down until you see Events. Click it to add it to your database. At this point you can begin creating Events.

On the Events page, select Add Event. In the window that appears, complete the required fields of Event Name, Date, and Type, then click the Add button.

To edit an event, click the hotdog menu to the right of the event to quickly edit the basic details in a new window. You can also click the name of the event for additional options. On this screen, Flags, Communication Types, and Saved Advanced Searches can be added to the event.

To remove an event, click the red X to the left of the event name. If the event has transactions associated with it, it will be made inactive and be moved to the inactive tab.

How do I add an event to a transaction?

After you have added an event to your database, you will have the option to add that event to a transaction from the Add Transaction screen. When adding a transaction, click on the Event dropdown menu and select the appropriate event for that transaction.