Washington Campaign, Party, & PAC Filing FAQ and Resources

Applies To: Washington

Below are links to FAQs and resources to help you file your Washington reports.


Elections Site
Filing Calendar
Filing Guide


Tokens, Passwords, and Filing Washington Reports
How to Create a Compliant WA Surplus Account 

Setting up for Seattle EFiling

Form Specific Information

Why Are My Accrued Expenses Itemizing Incorrectly on the WA C4?
Form C4 & Accrued Expense Payments
Voucher Contributions on the WA Form C3
WA Form C3 Auction Report
Debts Becoming Loans on the C4

Supported Reports

WA Form C3 (Cash Receipts, Monetary Contributions
WA Form C3 Non-Candidate
WA Form C4 (Campaign Summary Report)
WA Form C4 Non-Candidate