WA Form C3 and Voucher Contributions

Applies To: Washington

City of Seattle Voucher Program contributions are reported differently than standard monetary contributions. Because of this, the system is handling them a little differently as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Seattle is giving registered voters a “voucher” to spend on candidates of their choosing. First, Vouchers are received by either the committee and transmitted to the SEEC -or- sent to the SEEC directly designated for specific candidate(s). The Voucher Program folks at the SEEC then send an invoice to the City’s finance department that a check should be sent to the campaign. They also post the names and addresses of the voucher contributors for that particular invoice to the eFiling web app, here: https://www2.ci.seattle.wa.us/ethics/filers/login.asp

Next, the finance department, at some point after that, cuts the check and USPS mails it to the campaign, usually arriving several days later. Vouchers are reported as contributions only after the campaign receives a check from the SEEC.

Now let’s discuss how to get those transactions into ISP correctly so the C3 is also accurately reporting them.

First, log into your account on the SEEC website and download the .csv from the “Voucher Data” menu tab. After that, back in ISP, go to the Tools tab, then to Quick Imports, and select SEEC Voucher Data in the Format drop down menu. If you do not see this option, please contact Support.

Select options from the Budget Category, Election, and Financial Account as appropriate. As for the Date, use the date of the “parent” transaction (which will not be reported) and/or the date of the Deposit, if you choose to deposit them directly to an account.

After you’ve completed those fields and options, click the Choose File button and select the .csv file you downloaded from the SEEC site, then click Upload File. When you do this, here’s what will happen.

A new Monetary Contribution will be created in the “Voucher Program” Other Entity record with all of the individuals on the .csv as Splits. Each of those splits will automatically be assigned an amount of $25 and will also have a Voucher tag added to it. If you don’t already have a “Voucher Program” Other Entity record, the upload will automatically create it for you

Please be aware the C3 will report the Splits as whole, as the Voucher Program requires all voucher transactions to be itemized regardless of aggregate. Furthermore, only voucher contributions should be in a deposit report. If not, a warning will be added.

If you choose to not do the import, you can create an Other Entity record called “Voucher Program” and add a transaction in the total amount of vouchers. The Splits should then be the individual donors and must have the tag “Voucher.”

For more information or documentation on the Voucher Program, please go to the following link: