Using the Mark as Filed Feature

The Mark As Filed feature is an important part of the filing process, most notably when filing amendments. When the report generates, you’ll see the button at the bottom of the screen.

In some states, Florida for example, marking the report as filed is critical. This is due to how the amendment is on a per-transaction basis. In other words, you don’t amend the report, you amend each and every transaction to determine if it was Added, Deleted, or Changed.

Furthermore, some states use information that we capture on the originally filed report as the base for amendments. This allows the reports to be “traced” so it’s clear which specific report is being amended.

We encourage everyone to mark the report as filed so any potential amendment filing runs smoother, as well as allowing Support staff to find the filed report easier.

If you receive notifications for reports you’ve already marked as filed or filed outside of ISP, regenerate the report using the correct dates and once it generates, click the Mark as Filed button. This will inform the system a notification is no longer needed.