Texas State Report Tips & Information

Applies To: Texas

How do I get Supported Candidate info to pull to the cover page of the report?

This information has to be entered manually post e-file upload. We include that part there so it gets pulled to the PDF for tracking purposes.

How do I pull committee activity to Section 14 on Cover page 2?

In order to ensure Section 14 of Cover Page 2 pulls with Support/Oppose memo activity, be sure any Candidate, Officeholder, or Ballot Measure supported has been added as a Relationship to the filer.

Relationships that will pull include Ballot Measure Supported, Ballot Measure Opposed, Supported Candidate, Opposed Candidate, Officeholder Assisted.

Also note that this section is not currently supported on the e-file upload and will need to be entered manually on your online report.

How do I pull Candidate info to Section 9 on Schedule F1?

To have your expense pull Candidate info to Section 9, create a dependent Support/Oppose Memo to the Candidate with the tag Direct Campaign Expenditure.

Make sure the Support/Oppose memo within the transaction is to the individual Candidate record, not the Committee record.