New York January Periodic Settings

Applies To: New York

The NY January Periodic is unique because the From Date is in one year, but the To Date is in another. The state’s e-filing system is also overly complicated and specific, so there are some unique challenges when filing the January Periodic.

Generating the Report

When generating the NY January Periodic Report, keep the following in mind:

  • If filing a semi-annual report, then the start date is 07/14/20XX
  • If participation in the November 20XX election occurred, then the start date is 12/01/20XX
  • For either start date, the end date is 01/12/20XX
  • The Report Due Date is 01/16/20XX
  • The Election Period is 20XX January Periodic

Note: the e-filing must be generated and downloaded from ISP.

Filing the Report via the NY State System

Once logged into the NY State System, click the hamburger menu on the top bar and select Import Disclosure Reports.

Select Report Year: 20XX (this is the year that the report files; not the year that the majority of the report covers) and click Apply.

When the window refreshes, select Import on the right side towards the middle of the page. In the new pop-up, select ISPolitical for Vendor. Next, click Choose File, then find and upload the file downloaded from ISP. Finally, click Upload.

After some time – it takes a few minutes to upload/process – a message will appear that says “Transactions uploaded successfully. Please review your Disclosure report for accuracy and submit.” Click OK, then select Close in the pop-up window.

Once again, from the hamburger menu, select View/Submit Disclosure, then select an option from EACH drop-down menu on the left side. Ensure once again that the Report Year is 20XX.

After everything is filled in, click Apply and review the report. There are a few options: either review the itemized transactions as listed on the state’s website or print a Full Period Report to review the PDF.

Once the report has been reviewed, click Submit Disclosure Report.

There may be additional steps after this point, depending on the message(s) received upon submission.