My PDC C3 Amendment Filed as a New Report – How Do I Fix That?

Applies To: Washington – Candidate Committees, Political Action Committees (PACs), Party Committees

If you filed a report before March 1, 2023, you’ll have to take additional steps to file amendments, due to the efile format update.

Either before or after you file the amendment, you’ll need to contact the PDC Help Desk and have them update the external_id of the originally filed report.

To locate this information:

  1. Under Reports navigate to Compliance, click the Related Pages button, then select View Previously Generated
  2. On the Filed tab, find the originally filed report
  3. The first column will have a Report Name that consists of a number followed by a colon and then the name of the database, the report that was generated, and a date range. For example: 7021: TestWA_CFC_C3_2023.02.27
  4. The leading number is the Report ID

Once you’ve obtained the report ID, you’ll email the PDC Help Desk ( and provide the following:

  • Your committee ID and number
  • The date of the originally filed report – if there is more than one report filed on the date in question, also give the PDC the amount of the C3 being amended
  • The Report ID that needs to be updated to the external_id

Doing so will link the reports on the PDC side, and ensure the amendment will override the originally filed report.