Mississippi Campaign, Party, & PAC Filing FAQ and Resources

Applies To: Mississippi

Below are links to resources to help you file your Mississippi reports.



Elections Site
Filing Calendar (click the calendar PDF on the right in the Links section)
Filing Guide

Supported Reports

MS Report of Receipts and Disbursements

Important Information Regarding Future Filing

As of 07-18-2023, Mississippi’s online campaign finance filing system for filing e-files have been disabled; with no time-table of its return. As of now, Mississippi is  requiring only  paper versions of your report, including PDFs. You can submit your report 1 of 4 ways. 

  • Email: CampaignFinance@sos.ms.gov or Shelby.Scoggins@sos.ms.gov
  • In Person: 401 Mississippi Street, Jackson, MS 39201 or 1141 Bayview Avenue, Suite 120, Biloxi, MS 39530
  • Mail: P.O. Box 136, Jackson, MS 39205-0136 (Please note that mailed-in reports must actually be received by the required date and the postmarked date will not be considered.)
  • Fax:  (601) 576-2545

Paper Versions or PDFs only; they are not accepting the e-file associated with the paper or pdf filing.