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In today’s world, upgrading and modernizing are par for the course and not keeping pace means becoming obsolete real quick.. Manufacturing is getting more efficient, computers are faster and smaller than ever, and information is shared at a breakneck pace. But the world of political accounting software hasn’t kept pace.

At least, it didn’t. Until we came along.

AI Political Accounting Software…Wait, is That a Thing?

We just took a giant leap forward in making your life easier by being the first political accounting software company to introduce artificial intelligence. This is going to save you valuable and critical time, money, and effort. With our AI based accounting software, instead of leaving the office at midnight, red-eyed and caffeine addled, maybe you’ll start leaving a few hours sooner, and finish that last slice of pizza you ordered for the interns in the privacy of your own home (radical concept, we know).

What’s AI All About Anyway?

So what is this revolutionary technology? Before you go looking up AI on Wikipedia for a refresher course (or a plot synopsis of Terminator), let me try an analogy. We all have that one intern—they’re slightly slow, pretty inexperienced, but work harder than even some of your paid staff, right? They don’t know everything, but they get better as they go. That’s exactly what we created: the moderately intelligent intern, in computer form. Best of all, this one doesn’t need rides home, won’t quote the same three episodes of The West Wing endlessly, and you’ll never need to write it a letter of recommendation.

How AI Can Help With Political Accounting

So, how is artificial intelligence changing political accounting? AI@ISP does menial tasks, looking over repetitive data and performing some trivial actions, but far faster than you or your intern ever could. It saves you from the long, obnoxious parts of your job. Best of all, it gets better over time; AI really is intelligent and will learn how to do its job even more efficiently as it runs. But don’t be alarmed, this isn’t the start of the robot takeover. You definitely won’t have your job stolen by this AI based accounting software. Or, at least, not the fun parts. Unless you’re an intern. Then you should be scared.

What, Specifically, Can AI do to Help With Political Accounting?

Let’s get into the specifics of what AI@ISP does with some examples of where it thrives. AI combs through your filings so you don’t have to, looking for ways to improve, for things that won’t pass compliance, and even for target audiences who might be willing to do a little campaign donating. It excels at pouring over lists of data, looking for anomalies that would normally be your job. Why spend time scrutinizing a donor list or hunting for duplicates when AI can do it in seconds? All that time wasted trying to combine duplicate records can be saved. Better still, automated!

Safety, It’s On Everyone’s Mind

We also made it safe. If it comes across a duplicate situation that it isn’t sure about, it’ll defer to you. AI@ISP also imports online donations in your database, auto-combining with existing records and recording everything for you. If you have repeat donors, it’ll log those too, providing important metrics for your campaign. Further, it has automatic red flags that are meant to focus your attention on critical donations. There are triggers built in that notify you of possibly risky donations—monetary limits, type of donation, where it comes from, etc. It stays sharp even when you don’t. Our AI political accounting software is designed to help you make sure every donation taken is safe, streamlining your job and increasing the efficiency of the campaign you serve.

AI: All That and a Bag of Chips

This incredible tool isn’t a panacea, but we don’t think it should be! This is a 95% tool, something that does almost everything, but leaves the important calls to you. The last thing we want to do is make a mistake that will cause you trouble, so our robot will make sure big decisions are in the hands of people with authority. It recognizes that there are just some situations where it isn’t qualified to make a decision, just like a good intern should!

We set out to build software that lives up to our company’s values: it needs to be responsive, smart, and useful. It needs to learn at all times, making sure it’s changing where necessary to be as helpful as possible. With our new AI, we met that mark on all counts. Its insistence on learning from the client is fundamental to its nature, just like ours.

Do you have ideas about how AI@ISP could be even more helpful or questions regarding this or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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