How to Set Up Automated Drip Campaigns

Use Drip Campaigns in conjunction with saved Advanced Searches and AI to have Drip Campaigns run as an automated task. Our AI will automatically add contacts to a campaign or remove them based on your set rules in the saved search and a matching change to the contact’s record. It can be used for pledges, when donors hit specific levels, or be based on pretty much anything you dream up! This provides a lot of flexibility for your campaign.

Here are some details on how it works. If you are not sure how to set up a specific Advanced Search Criteria to work, click here.

1. Navigate to Add/Search > Advanced Search.

2. Set your Criteria

  • For example, you might use “Contributions > Earliest Date > Is > Today” as a rule to look for any donors whose earliest donation date is today, or you might use “Flags > Flag > Is Any Of > Volunteer” to set a Drip Campaign specific to any record that indicated they want to volunteer.

3. Click on Run Search. Initially, there will probably be no results, but that’s ok as this is being setup as an ongoing action.

4. Click on Exports & Actions and select “Start Drip Campaign“.

5. A popup will appear asking which Drip Campaign you want to use and if you would like the AI to keep the campaign updated. 

  • If set to “Add Campaigns“, that will add the Drip Campaign you select to records and run based on the criteria set in step 2 above.
  • If set to “Add & Delete Campaigns“, that will add the campaign selected to the record that matches, and delete any existing campaign on that record. Basically, replace anything already in place and start over if new criteria is matched.