How to Generate Call Sheets

Call Sheets are a great way to have donor information in front of you when calling potential contributors. Along with contact information, other items that can be included are Number of Donations, Most Recent Donation Amount, and more.

In order to generate them in bulk, go to the Reports tab, then select Quick to go to Quick Reports. On the resulting screen, select Call Sheets from the Format drop down. You also have a Target drop down that allows you to target specific donors. The default is All, which is every individual in your database, or you can target only Individuals or entities that have a specific Flag tied to the record.

If you'd like to filter the results to get them as specific as possible, you can use the Filter By Giving History section. These are based on financial data, such as which financial account transactions are in or a date or amount range.

You also have the option of excluding certain entities from the list, either by Communication or Flag.

To select the four key stats you'd like to show on the call sheet, drag and drop your choices to the top four items in the column on the right.

When ready, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen and the call sheets will generate into PDFs you download and save to your computer.