How to Create Drip Campaigns & Drip Emails

Drip Campaigns are a great way to spread the word about events or other campaign communication. Within these Drip Campaigns you can create Drip Emails that allow you to send a series of emails staggered over a set period of time.

For example, if you have an upcoming fundraiser event, each day leading up to it you can send an email to interested constituents.

To get started, navigate to the Drip Campaigns option under the Tools tab. On the resulting screen, click the Add Drip Campaign button at the bottom. You’ll receive a window that looks like this:

Once added, you’ll see a blue [Add] link in the Emails column. Click this to open up another window that allows you to create an email for that Drip Campaign.

In this window you have fields to Name the email, as well as choosing what Communication Type from the Record As dropdown you’d like to add to the record.

The Days Into Campaign field allows you to set how many days into the Drip Campaign you’d like to send the email.

For example, if it’s the first email of this particular Drip Campaign, you’d enter in 1. For the second email, you can choose how many days after that first email you’d like to send it, whether that’s 2 days into the campaign (1 day after the first email), 3 days into the campaign (2 days after the first email), and so on. For every Drip Email you have in the Drip Campaign, you can stagger them so they go out over a set period of time.

Please note that the times chosen for Drip Email are Pacific time zone. Be sure to adjust for this when choosing the time for the emails to automatically be sent.

The Body field is your standard email creation area. You can add various formatting, such as bolding, font size, and also merge fields.

The Send As User and Reply To User options will place the sender’s name as the sender and recipient of any replies to the emails.

Once you’ve created your Drip Email, click the Add Drip Campaign Email button, or click Add & New to add that email and create a new Drip Email.

When emails are set to go out, the creator of the Drip Emails will receive a Pre-Drip email to inform of them of which emails are scheduled to be sent and who the recipients will be. This Pre-Drip email will be sent for each Drip Email created.

To learn how to set up automated Drip Campaigns, click here.