How Do I Use the Columns to Gather Contact Info for the Financial Report Export?

When you generate your Transactions report, you may want to gather contact information of the results in order to send them a letter or contact them for another reason.

After you’ve created the report criteria, click in the Columns section. A list of all available Columns will appear for you to choose from. You can also type the name of the Column you’d like to add and the list will narrow itself down based on what you type.

It’s important to know the more data intensive Columns you add to the report, the longer it will take the system to generate the results. As you add Columns, the system will display a warning to remind you of this. Removing some Columns will help. Otherwise, if these Columns are needed, please expect the report to take a little longer than usual to generate.

When you are ready, click the Generate button to view results on the screen, or click the Print or Export button. If this will be a report you think you’ll be generating on a regular basis, click the Save Report button to save this criteria for future use.