How Do I Use the ActBlue Quick Import?

When it comes to getting ActBlue data into your ISP software database, there are multiple ways of making that happen. In this help file we’re going to cover the Quick Import tool for importing ActBlue transactions into your database manually.

Generally speaking, while the Quick Import tool is easier from an accounting standpoint, you can also use the Integration tool to allow for real-time information rather than having to wait to perform the periodic upload via Quick Imports.

How do I import ActBlue transactions using Quick Import?


On the Quick Imports screen, select ActBlue Online Donations in the Format menu. On the right, in the About section, you’ll see the order in which the columns need to be in in order for the data to be mapped correctly in the database. We have included a template for you to use so all you have to do is copy and paste data into it, then import that file. Click the Download Template link at the bottom of the About section. If you save the template to your computer, you can continue to re-use this same template, just copy and paste the data you want imported into the spreadsheet each time.

What upload options should I choose?


ActBlue could have sent this money to you in two different ways: a check or a transfer directly to your bank account (Automatic Clearing House or ACH).

If it was ACH, select the Financial Account the money was deposited into when selecting upload options.

However, if you received a check, select Undeposited. (If you have multiple filers in your database, be sure to select the correct filer tied to the Undeposited option.) You’ll then include the check in the deposit batch when you do a deposit, which may or may not include other checks that you received at the same time.

What is the Import as Conduit – Conduit Check Splits option?


The FEC, and most state agencies, require that you report ActBlue was the intermediary. Checking this box will allow for that to happen in the database.

However, if ActBlue acts more as an invisible-like credit card processor, do not check the box. In this instance, your donors will be entered as individual contributions, similar to as if they had written checks directly to you. If you have questions, contact ActBlue or your filing agency.

For detailed information on creating ActBlue deposits after your import, click here.