How Do I Use Quick Import?

The Quick Import tool allows a variety of contact and contribution information to be imported into ISP in bulk. 

When you choose the specific format from the dropdown menu, you will notice the info on the right side of the page changes based on each format. At the bottom of the section is a .csv template to save you time creating your own .csv file. Click the link to download the template. You can then copy and paste your data into that template for import. If you save the template somewhere on your computer, you won’t have to download it each time. Simply copy and paste data each time into the saved template.

It’s important to make sure the data matches the correct column format in the file so it maps the data correctly in your account. There are four formats we accept as import formats for Quick Imports:

  • comma-separated values (CSV)
  • tab-separated values (TSV)
  • Microsoft Excel; 2003 format (XLS)
  • Microsoft Excel; current format (XLSX)
If you are creating your own spreadsheet based on the format, it’s necessary the import file has the correct extension. Also, be sure all data is on a single page or tab in the spreadsheet.

There are also several specialized formats not enabled by default. Contact Support if there is a specific template you are looking to use and it’s not showing in the Format dropdown menu.

Can I undo an import?

Making mistakes happens. If you need to undo an import, click the Undo Recent Import button at the bottom of the Quick Imports screen. In the window that appears, you’ll see all recent imports with an option to Delete.