How Do I Use Advanced Search to Locate Donors Over the Limit?

Over the limit contributions can be trouble. If you’d like to check your database for donors who may be over the limit, you can use Advanced Search to find those donors. 

What query will show me over the limit donors?

When you create queries in Advanced Search, the order that you enter fields in generally doesn’t matter. In this case, we’ll start with the broadest criteria first.

The first rule we’ll set up will be to limit our search to Individuals only. 

  • Area: Entities
  • Field: Entity Type
  • Relationship: Is Any Of
  • Value: Individual.

To add this rule to your search criteria, click Add Rule. Next, we’ll add a rule to determine the Election we’re using to search for over the limit donors.

  • Area: Contributions
  • Field: Election
  • Relationship : Is Any Of
  • Value: (select Election) 

Again, click Add Rule. Finally, we’ll add the rule for what the limit is.

  • Area: Contributions
  • Field: Total Amount
  • Relationship: Is Equal To Or More Than
  • Value: (limit + .01)

For example, if the limit on contributions from individuals is $2700.00, in the Value field you would enter $2700.01.

Instead of clicking Add Rule, this time click Add Compound Rule. 

To generate the report, click the Run Search button at the bottom.

If you’re planning on running this specific search frequently, click Save & Run Search. This will allow you to give the search a notable name and save it as a Saved Search. To locate it at a later date, click the Saved Search button and select the saved search from the menu that appears.