How Do I Set Up & Print Envelopes?

The Print Envelopes tool gives you the flexibility of setting necessary return sender details to print on an envelope when sending out mail.

Under the Tools tab, select Print Envelopes. If you do not see this option, select Add/Remove Tools, then scroll down to the Print Envelopes option and click it to add it to your database. 

When you land on the Print Envelope Settings page, you’ll see a Customize section. Click the right corner to open the envelope settings window. In the window will be four lines for you to add a return address. You’ll also have the option of using it or not by selecting the Yes or No tab next to Use Return Address. Selecting Yes will place the return address in the top left corner of each envelope you print.

How do I print an envelope?

Once you have the Print Envelope settings created, first navigate to the specific entity’s record you’ll be sending mail to. In the Addresses section, click the hot dog menu to the right of the address you’ll be mailing and choose Print Envelope. You’ll then receive a browser window to save the envelope as a PDF to your computer. Select a location and click to save it.

At this point, load envelopes into your printer. Next, open the PDF of the envelope you want to print. It will display as an envelope with the entity’s address in the middle. If you chose to display the return address on the envelope, you’ll also see this in the top left corner.

Prior to printing, if you notice any needed corrections with the return address, return to the Print Envelopes page and make corrections. However, you will then have to go back to the entity’s record and repeat the print and save process.