How Do I Set the Flag Icon?

Using Flag Icons is a way of visually expressing the Flag associated with a record. When choosing the icon, you’ll be able to view a vast amount of symbols and images that best describe the chosen Flag.
On the Flags page, in the Icon column, click [Set] for the Flag you’d like to add the icon for. On the resulting screen, type in a key word that is or describes the flag you are attempting to set, then click the magnifying glass to search.
For example, if you have a Lives In California flag, you could type in the word California and images will appear for you to choose from.
Once you click the image, the next screen will allow you to change the color of the icon, if you choose. At the bottom of the screen, click Change Color and select the color you’d like to see used for the icon.
When ready, click Set For Flag to set the icon as the symbol for that particular Flag. This will place you back on the Flags screen where you can verify the icon has been added to the Flag.
When viewing records, you’ll also see this icon in the Flags section if this particular Flag has been added to the record.