How Do I Set Flags Using Advanced Search & AI?

Using Advanced Search, you can add a specific Flag en masse to the results of your search. You also have the option of using AI to automatically update records with the Flag when the records are added to the database and meet the criteria of the search.

How do I set a Flag to records on a one time basis?

First and foremost, ensure the Flag already exists in your database under the Lists tab. If it does not, be sure to add it before moving forward. If it does or after you’ve created it, navigate to the Advanced Search screen.

In order to apply a Flag en masse, use Advanced Search to locate everyone in the database you’d like to apply this Flag to. Once you have generated that list, click the Exports & Actions button at the bottom of the screen and select Set Flags. In the window that opens, select the Flag you’d like to add, then the Add Flag option, then click Process.

How do I let AI set the Flag?

If you do want AI to keep the record updated for you with the Flag, in the window that appears when Set Flag is selected, choose either Add Flags or Add & Delete Flags. Both options will let AI automatically add a Flag to any record that meets your search parameters. 

The main difference between the Add Flags and the Add & Delete Flags options is that the second one will also remove Flags from records that no longer meet the search criteria. For example, if you are excluding records based on a contribution limit and a contribution is refunded that makes the contribution total less that the criteria you set, it will remove the Flag from the record. 

For any new entity that matches the search criteria that are added in the next 24 hours, AI will automatically add that Flag to the record. This will allow those records to populate on saved or future searches containing that Flag.

You can also verify if AI is turned on to set Flags to new records by navigating to the Tools menu and selecting ai@ISP. In the middle of the page will be a new Managed Flags section. This section shows the Flags that AI is automatically adding/managing to new records that meet the criteria of the Advanced Search.