How Do I Report FEC Late Partnership Information?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

There may be times where you receive Partnership splits after the whole/parent contribution has been reported. In this case, per FEC guidance, your only course of action is to file an amendment. If you file a Form 99 or try to include the partnership information on a later report either as a memo or a reattribution/redesignation, you will receive a RFAI letter. The only way the FEC will accept this additional partnership information is via amendments.

If you are waiting on other partnership letters, you can wait until you receive all the expected letters, then file the amendment.

The final recommendation is to include a note with the filed report. You can use this as a basic template, if needed:

“We have made best efforts to obtain the partnership letters before the filing due date for the contribution from {name of partnership} on {date} for {amount}. The report will be amended at a later date when that information is obtained.”