How Do I Report Accrued Expenses Splits with an IE Support/Oppose Memo on the CA 496?

Applies To: California

In the event a credit card is used to pay for an Independent Expenditure but not immediately paid off, the data entry needed for proper reporting on California compliance reports is very specific. 

Two different sets of transactions will be created: (A) accrued expense and spilts and (B) non-monetary expense and support/oppose memo

A. Accrued Expense and Splits

  1. Select Add Transaction under the Accounting tab
  2. Choose Accrued Expense in the Type field
  3. Complete the fields with the credit card company as the Entity
  4. Click Specify Splits and add the vendor as the Entity
  5. If there are other subvendors, add them as well
  6. After all the applicable fields have been completed, click Save & New

B. Non-Monetary Expense

You’ll next need to create a new non-monetary transaction. Because you chose to create a new transaction upon saving, the fields will clear out and allow you to add new details.

  1. In the Type dropdown, select Non-Monetary Expense
  2. In the Entity field, enter in the vendor used in the Split of the previous transaction
  3. Click Specify Support/Oppose
  4. In the Entity field that appears, enter in the support candidate or ballot measure
  5. In the Tag dropdown select IE to Support or IE to Oppose, depending on the reason for the expense
  6. Complete the remaining applicable fields and click Save