How Do I Report a Transfer Received From a Joint Fundraising Committee (JFC)?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission – Candidate Committees, Political Action Committees (PACs), Party Committees

Typically, when a committee receives a transfer from a Joint Fundraising Committee (JFC), the portion the filing committee receives will be less than the total of all the original contributions.

When this is entered into ISP, the total of splits will be greater than the whole amount. The FEC expects this.

In order to ensure the Transfer pulls to the FEC to Line 12, one of the two following conditions must be met:

  • The whole (parent) entity must have a “relationship” with the filer committee
  • The whole (parent) transaction must have the tag “Transfer”

You do not need to have both.


When your transfer contains original contributions for a Recount election, you’ll need to remove/delete the splits from the main transfer transaction, and create a new transaction with the pro-rated amount as the whole amount.

Then, when making a deposit, ensure both the original and the Recount contributions are in the same deposit batch.

Can I run multiple transfers on the same date?

You can have multiple transfers on the same date. The best way to handle this is to create the transfers individually, even if dates of transactions may overlap.

First, record the new contributions as usual in the JFC Management tool. Then make a JFC Transfer covering only the dates involving the new contributions. This will record a new JFC Transfer that might need slight editing if there are overlapping contributions. If there are no overlaps between contributions received, then you would just have a smaller second transfer.