How Do I Pull “Employer/Occupation letter sent date” for Reporting?

Applies To: Oregon
In Oregon, there is a reporting requirement to indicate a letter was sent requesting Employer and Occupation within 7 days of receiving the contribution. The way we account for this in ISP is to use a Communication in the individual’s record.

Add a Communication Type Occupation/Employer Request to the entity missing the Employer and/or Occupation information. Doing so will pull the following to the report for this entity: “Employer/Occupation letter sent {date of communication}.” If you update the Employer and/or Occupation after obtaining the required information, the system will not pull the requested info line.

AI@ISP can also do this automatically for you. In order to enable this feature, navigate to Tools, then ai@ISP, and enable Send Missing Occupation/Employer Emails. This will email reportable donors for you if they are missing their Occupation or Employer and ask them to reply with that information. ai@ISP will then add an appropriate communication to the record and the required note will pull to your compliance reports automatically. When the donor responds, ai@ISP will automatically update their record based on their response. Everyone on the ai@ISP recipient list will be forwarded a copy of any emails received and notified about what AI has done.