How Do I Find Transactions Added on a Specific Date?

If you’re looking for transactions that were added to your database on a certain date, you can use this recipe. Note that this will create a list of transactions that were added to ISP on a certain day, not necessarily transactions that were donated on that date.

Here is a recipe you can use to create this list of transactions:

  • Area: Transactions
  • Field: Creation Date/Time
  • Relationship: Is
  • Value: (your chosen date)

After you click Add Rule to add it to the Search Criteria section, you can generate the list by using the Run Search or Export buttons. Exporting will allow you to export the data to a spreadsheet where you can then sort and view more detailed information.

If you plan on generating this list on a regular basis, click the Save & Run Search button to save the search criteria for future use. This will prevent having to re-add the criteria every time you need the list. Moving forward you’ll see the list in the Saved Searches menu based on the name you gave it.