How Do I File My Wisconsin Report?

Applies To: Wisconsin

To get started, you’ll first to need an Excel file of your data to upload to the state. To get that, just enter the range of dates you want to file a report for and hit generate. Afterwards, just hit download.

If you receive any fatal errors, you must go back and edit your data. Submitting your report without doing so will cause your filing to fail.


Now that you have your Excel file, log in to the Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System. After logging in, you should see a menu on the left side of the screen. If you don’t see it, hit the Menu button on the top right or the Expand bar on the left.

You’ll want to use the “Upload Transactions from Spreadsheets” option under Step 1. This takes you to where you can upload your Excel file.

Upload your file and select the proper Filing Period. Then select the Transaction Type and hit upload. You will need to do this twice: once for Receipts, and once for Expenses.

Once both the Upload Statuses show that they were processed without error, you can file your report using the Menu option under Step 2.

Extra Information

Before you continue filing however, be aware that some of your transactions might need to filed on the state’s website. These include:

  • New commercial loans
  • Loan payments
  • Returned receipts
  • Payments of incurred obligations

Be sure that you’ve entered all the additional information into Wisconsin’s system that is required to properly file!


Once you have all your transactions have been uploaded, you can look through all of your expenses and contributions on the File Report page.

Using the filters, you can search for specific transactions to review or file separately. Otherwise, there are options to preview your Finance Report or to file it with the state.

After choosing to file your report with the state, enter the requested authorizations in the new fields and verify that the reported cash balances are correct. Once you’ve done so, hit submit and you’re done! You’ve finished filing. Congratulations!


Sometimes you might have a transaction that, for whatever reason, wasn’t included in the Filing Report that you already submitted.

To create an amendment, click the “Amend a Filed Report” option on the state website’s menu. You can use the search tools to check if something has already been filed, and you can use the various buttons at the bottom to input a new transaction if it hasn’t.