How Do I File an Amended NY Report?

Applies To: New York

If you need to file an amended report for NYBOE, this is done on the same page you generated and filed the original report.

  1. Navigate to Reports, then to Compliance
  2. Enter the details as if you were filing the report for the first time
  3. Click the Amended box
  4. In the dropdown menu that appears for Amended Compliance Report, select the report you are amending or select the Filed Outside of ISP option if it was not filed through ISP
  5. Click Generate

Once the report generates, make sure to review for any potential errors. You can choose the PDF option in the Download menu at the bottom of the screen to review the report. If you are satisfied after the review, click Download again and this time choose E-filing. Once you’ve downloaded the e-file, log into to the NY elections system and follow the process there for uploading the amendment to their system.