How Do I File a FEC Form 3?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission – Candidate Committees

If you’re human, filing a FEC Form 3 sends chills down your spine. Even well seasoned treasurers get a little tinge of anxiety when reports come due. New treasurers often don’t even know the basics. If you volunteered to act as treasurer for your friends run for US House, you probably found this page after realizing just what a mess you got yourself into.

Fortunately, ISPolitical is here. With our system, you’ll be able to run Form 3s like a bona fide pro. And bona fide pros will be able to run their reports much faster and more accurately.

Having a good political campaign management software system isn’t just about data integrity, raising more money. It’s about making compliance reporting, political accounting, and all the other data related components of a campaign work together to create a sum that is greater than their parts.

Additional Help on Form 3:

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