How Do I File a CA Amendment?

Applies To: California

Filing an amendment for your CA report is done on the same page you generated the original.

First, under the Reports tab, select Compliance Reports. Change the Compliance Report drop down to the CA report you’re amending, then complete the fields using data from the original report criteria. Check the Amended box. Three new fields will appear: 

    Amended Compliance Report: This dropdown allows you to choose the report you are amending. If it was filed outside of the system, select Filed Outside of ISP.

    Original Filing ID (local only): If you are a local filer, add the original filing ID of the report you’re amending here. This will likely be a 6-10 digit number.

    Number of Amendments: If you have filed multiple amendments, enter the number of amendment this would be. For example, if you’ve filed two amendments to this report, enter 3 in this field.

    After completing the remaining necessary fields, click the Generate button at the bottom of the screen.

    When the report generates and you’ve corrected errors or warnings, if any, click the E-File Report button at the bottom of the screen. On the resulting screen, enter your e-filing password. This password is provided to you by the state and is not the password you use to log in to the ISP system. Also on this screen, you’ll be asked to provide your Original Filing ID. This is the ID assigned to the original filing. If you’d like to save the password for future e-filings, click the Save to Password Safe box.

    After entering in your password & Original Filing ID, click the Submit E-File button at the bottom.