How Do I Enter Non-itemized Transactions for My TX Reports?

Applies To: Texas
Texas requires manual entry of unitemized transactions for the reports that accept unitemized transactions, specific to the schedule and report. 

Which TX Reports require manual entry of unitemized transactions?

When you select the report to generate, you’ll see a list of the schedules in the sidebar on the right side of the page that could potentially have unitemized amounts.

How do I enter unitemized transaction amounts?

First, log into the TEC system, start your report, and follow these steps:  

  1. Select Committee Activity
  2. Respond to the prompts, then click Upload my Report Information from File in TEC Approved Format
  3. Follow the instructions
Next, click Worksheet Summary and take the following steps:

  1. If you have Loan data (SchE) and Other Income data (SchK), click Start next to the appropriate Schedule to manually enter the information as found on the generated PDF
  2. After all the Loan data or Other Income data is entered -OR- if you have no additional data to enter, click Report Totals toward the top-center of the page.
  3. On the Schedule Subtotals page, confirm the itemized totals as per your uploaded data in the Report Itemized column
  4. Under User Entered Lump Sum Totals, enter the unitemized amounts as found on the first page on the PDF
  5. After you’ve entered all the unitemized amounts, click on Next under the list of schedule totals
  6. On the Report Totals page, enter the amounts found on Lines 5 & 6 under Section 15 of the Cover Pages on the generated PDF
At this point, click Save, then click Check My Report For Errors. Use the TEC [Preview Report PDF] and save the automatically generated PDF as a reference. Click File Now Online when you’re ready to file the report.