How Do I Enter Non-itemized Transactions for My TX Reports?

Applies To: Texas

Texas requires manual entry of non-itemized transactions for the reports that accept non-itemized transactions;  specific to the schedule and report. 

Which TX Reports require manual entry of non-itemized transactions?

After picking your report, you will see the specific schedules per report that require non-itemized transactions to the right of the report generation screen. 

How do I enter non-itemized transactions per schedule?

  1. Entering non-itemized transactions for each appropriate schedule is the same process: Uncheck the Itemize box located to the right of the Expenditure or Contribution Amount. The transaction with its required information will then be reported as non-itemized.
  2. After finalizing all of your transactions per schedule, you’ll be taken to Finalize Report where you’ll see your Report Totals summary.
  3. The Report Totals will reflect the User Entered Lump Sum Totals. This is used if you did not enter the information for non-itemized transactions on the applicable schedules.
  4. If so, then you must enter the total of those unreported non-itemized transactions to its appropriate schedule. Do not include any already reported non-itemized transactions that have already been entered prior to a schedule.