How do I efile with GA after the state’s update?

Applies To: Georgia

In order to efile with GA now that the sate has updated their efiling system, there are a few one-time administrative steps that need to be taken.

To get started, all filers with a FilerID beginning with ‘C’, ‘NC’, or ‘F’ must use the new EFiling system to file any required reports. If they had not previously registered your account in the new EFiling system, they will be required to do so by accessing the “Register” button.  The system is available using here.

All other filers (Lobbyists, Vendor Gifts Disclosures, Qualifying Officers) will continue to use the Legacy EFiling system for now.

The state has a Campaign Finance Commission University, which has more information on how to register and use a new EFiling account if needed.  In addition to the University, the Campaign Finance Commission also provides training videos on their YouTube channel.

Once your filer is all set up with the state, here are some tips:

  • After you login, go to “Import Manager” to import your file. Click on “Import File” in the upper right, browse for your file, and name it as you choose.
  • The import can take a while to process, especially on a heavy filing day. We recommend allowing for a few hours, even more if you have a large file (more than 8000 transactions). We have found it goes much smoother if you DO NOT logout while the import is processing.
  • While the import is processing, you can scroll to the right on the import manager, click on the “hot dog” menu, and review your data. You can accept or reject the import.

Please note, GA requires us to import ALL transactions, and the itemization calculation is done on the software side.