How Do I Create the eFundraising Connections Integration?

Our integration partners sometimes make updates to their system that we are unaware of. If the steps provided in our help file don’t match what you see, please contact Support and we will update our help file to accurately reflect the correct steps.
eFundraising Connections is a payment processing platform allowing you to collect donations and track donor contact data. There are no start up or monthly subscription fees to use the program, and it easily integrates with ISP. Before you set up the integration in ISP, be sure you have your eFundraising Connections account set up, as well.

How do I install the eFundraising Connections integration?

1. Under the Integrations tab, select Add/Remove Integrations
2. Scroll down to the Available section and locate eFundraising Connections
3. Click on it to add it to the Installed section

At this point, in another tab, log into your eFundraising account.

1. Navigate to the Integrations section
2. Check the box next to ISPolitical, and enter the Account Name. Make sure to use your short account name. This is the name that appears in the top left of your screen next to the text ISP:.

If you encounter any trouble with this portion of the set up, please contact the support team at eFundraising Connections.

Once the integration is set up, the system will automatically create an eFundraising Connections organization record in the account with the eFundraising Connection’s details.

When data is passed to ISP, it will appear in the Pending Imports section of your Dashboard.