How Do I Create New Relationships?

Relationships in records are an important way of linking entities. Not only do they play a significant factor in Compliance reporting, they are also good ways of showing how entities are connected.

There are many Relationship types to choose from. These range from committee staff to family members and friends to employee and employer, and many more in between. You also have options of setting the relationship as the Primary relationship.

In order to set a Relationship between entities, navigate to the entity’s record. Locate the Relationships section and in the top right corner, click the green triangle with a plus sign (+) in the right corner. 

In the window that appears, type in the name of the entity in the Affiliated field of the entity you want to link with a Relationship. If they are not already in your database, you’ll have the option of creating a new entity right there on the spot.

After you’ve selected or created the Affiliated entity, select the type of Relationship from the dropdown menu.

Once you’ve determined the Affiliated entity and its Relationship, as well as the optional choices of Primary relationship links, click the Add Relationship button, or the Add & New to create the relationship and immediately add a new Relationship.