How Do I Create and Manage Custom Exports?

For those who want more control over data exported from the database, you can design your own export formats by choosing from dozens of fields using the Custom Exports tool.

How do I create and manage a custom export?

You can access the Manage Custom Exports page via three different pages: Thank Donors, Advanced Search, and Financial Reports. At the bottom of each of those pages is a blue Manage Custom Exports button.

On the Custom Exports page, click the green Add Custom Export Format at the bottom of this page to create a new export format. This will open a new window that will ask you to name your Custom Export. 

You’ll also have the options of where the Custom Exports will be available in the database. The three options are the same pages mentioned above: Advanced Search, Thank Donors, and Financial Reports.

One thing to keep in mind when using Custom Exports with Advanced Search is the results will include all transactions found within a record when the Custom Export includes fields related to transactions. However, when Custom Exports are used with other transaction reports, the results will simply be the type of transactions found within the search details.

After you’ve chosen which pages to include the custom export you’re creating, select the Area from the dropdown menu. These options include:

  • Addresses
  • Communications
  • Elections
  • Emails
  • Entities
  • Flags
  • Households
  • Key Stats
  • Phones
  • Pledges & Targets
  • Political Districts
  • Relationships
  • Transactions
Below the dropdown are two columns, Available and Selected. The Available will populate based on the Area option you choose. The Selected column will show your choices for the columns you want on your custom export.

To add them to the Selected column, drag each desired block from the Available column to the Selected column or click the arrow next to the Available option. If you want your columns to be in a specific order, drag them up or down.

When you have the desired columns and in the order you want, click the green Add Custom Export Format at the bottom.

On the main Custom Exports page, you’ll also have an option at the bottom to Add From Other Accounts. If you work in or manage other databases, you can add custom exports in those databases to the one you’re currently working in.