How Do I Create a WinRed Conduit Check?

Any transactions that are automatically sent via the WinRed integration will show in the Pending Imports section on your Dashboard. Import them directly into your Undeposited account and from there you’ll be able to create your WinRed conduit (earmark) check. 

Note that the Record WinRed Conduit Check option will not appear unless you have the WinRed integration installed.

1. On the Deposit screen, you’ll see a list of transactions ready to be deposited. If any of the contributions are part of the WinRed conduit contributions, select those transactions, then click the Record WinRed Conduit Check button at the bottom of the screen.

2. In the window that appears, you’ll have the option of setting the Check Date, Check Amount, Election, and Budget Category.

3. Once you’ve added the applicable details, click the Add button.

4. This will direct you to the Edit Transaction screen where you’ll need to complete the main transaction details. You’ll notice, however, that most of the main details are filled in and the transactions you selected from the Deposit screen are showing as Splits. 

5. After entering in all the details, choose either Save or Save & New at the bottom to finalize the WinRed conduit check.

When the transaction is saved, it will automatically populate the Transaction Tag field with Conduit – Conduit Check. This will NOT update the Tag field for Splits. That must be done separately.