How Do I Create a Scheduled Report?

The Scheduled Reports page allows you to schedule reports to be sent to you and/or other staff members automatically. The reports you can schedule are found on the Financial Reports page and also the Compliance Tools page.

To begin, click the Add Scheduled Report at the bottom of the screen. In the window that appears, click the Report dropdown to view the reports you can schedule.

When setting the report criteria, you’ll have five general options to set no matter which report you choose: 

  • Frequency: You can choose to have the report sent anywhere from daily to monthly, as well as a certain amount of times.
  • Time Zone: This determines the time zone in which the report needs to be generated and sent, and is typically determined by the recipient’s location.
  • Starting: This is the date you want the report to start. If you click in the field, you’ll see a calendar date picker, as well as a list of specific time options.
  • Send If Blank: If the report does not contain any details, this checkbox option allows you to choose whether or not to send the report. Sometimes it’s helpful to know nothing has changed, either for information’s sake or as a flag something might be wrong.
  • Recipients: This determines who will be receiving the report. The recipient must be a user in the database with a valid email address.

Once you select the type of report you want to schedule, you’ll see a Report Options section appear. These options will be dependent on which report you choose and may vary.

If you have multiple Filers in your database, you can choose which filer the report’s data will come from. There are also From and To Date fields that help you determine the time parameters of the report.

For some reports, such as the Transactions report, you’ll see further options. These can include Budget Categories, Transaction Types, and the Columns you want included on the export.

Once you’ve set the criteria, click the Add Scheduled Report button. You’ll be redirected back to the main Manage Scheduled Reports page where all the scheduled reports and their details are listed.